Data Security 

Electronics devices holds vast amounts of sensitive and confidential data that could cripple companies if not properly managed. Data Security is a high priority to protect your company’s sensitive data. In 2019 Norton reports that over 4.1 Billion records was exposed and that was a 54% increase from 2018. Facebook was fined $5 Billion from the FTC for violating consumers privacy rights. Internal threats should be treated with the same level of importance as external threats. Any vulnerabilities to get personal data on your company is a serious threat. Knowing how to get rid of the data properly from your hard disks, magnetic tapes, and other media types are important for your organization.

CEWS offers the following services to manage your data security

  • On Site Data Destruction  
  • Off Site Data Destruction  
  • Hard Drive Shredding  
  • Tape erasing and shredding 

  • Factory secure reset  
  • Witnessed Destruction  
  • Product Destruction  
  • Certificates of Data Destruction