Enacted in August 2020 and funded by Stopwaste.org, CEWS has established partnerships with non-profits and community organizations to provide the logistics and workforce for 100% certified electronic refurbishing of donated laptops (complete with new case and battery) including the tracking and reporting of newly refurbished devices.

As CEO of CEWS, Yuet Kwai Lau has long envisioned helping organizations cultivate practices to reduce E-Waste and repurpose valuable materials to achieve greater environmental sustainability. Ms. Lau says, "Making a difference begins at home; that is why CEWS is reaching out to impact US residents with fully refurbished modern laptops that would otherwise needlessly end up in landfills causing substantial environmental harm. We are grateful to provide services to empower those in need with 21st-century technology at no cost to the recipient".

We Keep It Simple

•  Your Non-profit or organization receives and allocates donated laptops to CEWS.

•  CEWS provides the logistics for pick up (and return).

•  CEWS refurbishes the laptops to 100% capacity complete with Windows 10, MS Office 2010, a laptop bag and a charger.

•  Your Non-profit (or designated community organization) ensures all refurbished laptops are properly distributed to local, qualified residents in need at no cost to recipients.


CEWS’ goal is to refurbish and supply over 1,000 free laptops in 2020-2021.

Goodwill of Greater East Bay in Alameda County, CA, is now accepting donations of unwanted laptops and power cords from businesses and individuals for Tech for Good. To donate, please contact norcalpickup@cewsb2b.com or (510) 998-2828