Audits and certifications  

All CEWs facilities are audited by the numerous certifying entities and other agencies. Ensuring that all our processes meet specific standards to safely recycle and manage electronics, hardware and old equipment. 

Audits on Vendors

CEWs perform audits of any vendors who handle hazardous materials. We want to make sure that every company is disposing of hazardous materials correctly and safely reducing the impact on the environment.    

Strict No-Landfill Policy 

We do not send e-waste to Landfills. Toxic chemicals like mercury and lead can seep out and pollute the surrounding air and soil. This can lead to birth defects and other serious health problems. Our certified hardware removal process involves using manual labour and machines to naturally recycle and reuse old hardware and assets. 

Maintaining certifications for environmentally safe practices 

CEWs are constantly keeping up with environmental standards. Our dedication to improving our efficiency of disposing of waste without harming the environment comes from the communities and our children. Leaving the Earth better than we found it.