Asset Recovery

Over time, you will have a build-up of storage of old hardware. Finding a way to get rid of the old hardware without being fined by audits can be challenging. IT Asset Recovery is prolonging the life to get the maximum value of your hardware. The goal is to recover the best value from your assets. These assets include storage devices, servers, laptops, and networking equipment.  

We offer a Full-Service IT Asset Recovery Service, and can customize based on your needs.  

Full Service Solutions or all your IT related needs

Account Manager as main point of contact 

Easy scheduling support 

Onsite or off site data destruction service 

Asset Inventory report 

Full Service logistics services 

Revenue share model or donate to non profits 

Free Ewaste recycling included  

It’s as simple as 1-2-3


Give us a call to schedule a pickup

Step 2

We come onsite, inventory and pickup everything 

Step 3

You get a inventory asset report, pickup weight report and a check in the mail in 30-45 days.  

We do all the work so you can focus on driving your business. Contact us today to schedule a free quote!